Vredelust College Remedial School was founded by Marietjie Lemley.
A then retired teacher of 30 years, initially opened the doors as an after-school/homework assistance facility.
After being approached by a mother with a child struggling with a learning disability, Vredelust College Remedial School was born.

There are currently less than 50 learners with different learning difficulties/challenges within the school, diagnosed as follows:
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyper Activity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
Sensory Spectrum Disorder
Speech and Language Inferiority
Audiological difficulties

Welcome to Vredelust College Remedial School

A special approach to teaching:

The now fully accredited Vredelust College Remedial School caters to children on various spectrums. The school is managed independently and offers a holistic approach to learning that incorporates the CAPS curriculum.

There are currently 44 learners with different learning barriers like Autism, Slower learners, learners with language inferiority (backlog) ADD, ADHD etc.

Each class has one or two assistant teachers who have remedial training. The school also has an independent aftercare facility that operates Monday to Friday until 17h30.

Children are educated at their individual pace, with maximum results and fully supported by a Governing Body.

Why parents choose us:

Qualified educators
Active learning
Emotional growth
We Acknowledge that all children are special and have needs.

Our teaching objectives

Our Objectives:
To recognise the individual child’s learning needs and to provide intervention for their developmental growth in a holistic & interactive learning environment.
To collaborate and empower each child’s family with comprehensive support for the child’s development.
Enjoying the challenge of motivating our students.

Focal areas are as follows:

Discovery of the Environment & World

Daily Living Skills Development

Freedom of Creative Expression

Sensory Integration Activities

Social and Emotional Development

Cognition and numeracy

Development of Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Language, communication & literacy

Self Expression & Exploration

Our extra mural activities.


Learn. Practice. Play

That's the Playball way!

Art classes

Art classes are taught by Anna van der Linde, each Thursday for the Senior Class.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is held on the premises for children in need of the service.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is held on the premises for children in need of the service.

Meet our team

Experienced Educators, meeting the unique needs of each child.

(left) Yolanda Fortuin - Secretary

(right) Marietjie Lemley - Owner

Pre Grade R & Grade R

(left) Jessica Titus - Grade R

(right) Engele Bothma - Pre Grade R

Junior Class and Senior Class

(left) Roxanne Kirsten - Senior Class

(right) Marietjie Lemley - Junior Class

Class Assistants and Staff

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